Cladding Tape/ Partition Tape

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Tape Width 0-20 mm
Tape Length 10-20 m
Color red
Tape Type Adhesive
Total Thickness 1mm
Adhesive Type acrylic
Country of Origin Made in India

Approx Price Rs 60 per roll

To cater the diverse specifications of our renowned patrons, we are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of Acrylic Foam Tape.

  • Moisture proof
  • Tear resistance
  • High tensile strength

Product Descriptions

  • Acrylic foam tape (High strength Bond) AFT is constructed of acrylic foam that is viscoelastic in nature with flow and self adhesion properties which offers excellent bonding to a broad range of substrates. The unique composition of acrylic foam chemistry provides exceptional durability. The acrylic foam Tape line of products is designed for a wide range of industrial applications requiring a high level of bonding strength. Our acrylic foam tapes are engineered to provide strong tack and adhesion to a multiple range of substrates such as PC, ABS, PMMA and metal. acrylic foam bond portfolio of solutions is suitable for a wide range of component assembly, mounting and fixation applications in appliances, electronic devices, signage and graphics. It is widely used in structural glazing and cladding application. we can also offer vhb tape of 3m/lohmann etc.

Price Range- Rs 20 – Rs 20,000 per square meter


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