Mirror Mounting Tape

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Tape Width 0-20 mm
Tape Length 10-20 m
Color white
Usage/Feature glass
Tape Type Adhesive
Country of Origin Made in India

Approx Price: Rs 200 / Square Meter(s)

We have a wide assortment of Mirror Mounting Tape for the furniture industry and decorative foil producers. The double sided adhesive with a tailor-made acrylate coated PE foam tape is especially suitable for the mounting and permanent bonding on high gloss, anti-fingerprint, 3D and rough surfaces. it offers a maximum resistance to ageing, UV-radiation, weathering and plasticizers. The foam carrier does not turn yellow and keeps a permanent elasticity. The maximum adhesion is reached after approximately 24 hours. Main application fields are the mounting of mirrors in the manufacturing of bedroom, living room, bathroom and hall furniture, PVC bars, small devices and hooks on tiles and smooth walls as well as cable channels.

Price Range:- Rs 20 – Rs 20,000 per square meter


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